Joseph Tame

Tokyo-based Digital Media Producer, Inventor, Marathon Runner
When Tokyo-based Brit Joseph Tame runs a marathon, people have no problem spotting him amongst the crowd. Inventor of the World's Most Advanced Mobile Social Media Machine (dubbed the 'iRun'), Joseph has been pushing the boundaries of mobile live media for many years, wearing extraordinary home-made contraptions that make full use of the latest SOLOMO tech. 
His third marathon in early 2011 saw him joined by over 14,000 live viewers from across the world who were able to experience the race from the comfort of their armchairs. Using multiple live cameras, GPS tracking, a heart rate monitor, temperature, humidity, noise and C02 sensors, viewers were able to feel as if they were actually on the road with him - Twitter and Skype enabling them to send messages directly to him as he ran. Seeking to replicate the coverage provided by professional TV channels (but on a budget of $0), Joseph borrowed a TV studio and assembled a team of 25 volunteers who then covered the run from multiple spectator locations with their iPhones and Android handsets.
Following widespread coverage by CNN, the Associated Press, the BBC, all national Japanese TV stations and top international tech blogs, Joseph went on to improve upon his iRun by creating a water-cooled live streaming system from a modified dustbin. This played a key role in his next major project - the social media campaign for TEDxTokyo 2011, which on the day attracted over 50,000 unique viewers to the live video stream.
Joseph is also known for his GPS project, 'The Art of Running'. Equipped with two iPhones, the tracking app Runkeeper and Google Earth, Joseph 'paints' pictures on the streets of Tokyo following meticulously detailed routes prepared in advance. Notable 'achievements' include a 15km (10 mile) Twitter bird, a 21km (13 mile) Google+ logo and a 47km (29 mile) picture of Hello Kitty - all in the heart of Tokyo.
Joseph's use of technology, combined with social media and sports is constantly evolving in line with the release of new consumer gadgets and innovative mobile apps. At LeWeb'11 he will be providing the audience with a special preview of his latest mobile social media machine, which he believes is sure to take the world by storm in 2012.
When not running around with multiple iPhones, Joseph is busy providing digital media solutions for a wide variety of local and international businesses.