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Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - 08:02


Every year, the goal of LeWeb and its press relations is to put forward the startups and stars that will be at LeWeb. We are thrilled to have such a program and share what will be going on both with international tech and non-tech spheres. This year we saw press apparitions about LeWeb in:

NYTimes on France as the focus of digital optimism

Nicolas Sarkozy : "I greatly admire American vitality"

Eric Schmidt : "I love France"

Loic Le Meur: “There has been a dramatic shift in the last few years with European entrepreneurs who are no longer trying to be copycats of American tech, which was pretty sad. Europeans are now really innovating on their own.” 

Wall Street Journal on Schmidt's "spikiness" onstage

Schmidt : Paris could be Europe's digital tech hub, but "you have to get your act together...Key to that, he said, would be governments leading the rollout of high-speed fixed and wireless Internet. That would, he said, allow digital businesses to flourish and create jobs without further state help."

Wired on the importance of social

"When Ogilvy Mather’s Thomas Crampton asked the audience “Who here thinks Twitter is media?” a fair three quarters raised their hands. This raises the old question: has “old school media” given way to more social, local, mobile ways of sharing news?... Social means reaching a great scale even if the story happens locally"

CNN liveblogging

  • Lagerfeld : launched an exclusive online clothes collection Karl.com that will be launched in partnership with Net-A-Porter shopping portal on January 25, owns 30-40 iPads that he uses as diaries, photobooks and sketches. and drew a sketch of Steve Jobs during his presentation
  • Schmidt : showed Ice Cream Sandwich and "near-field communication" - the conversations that take place between physically proximal devices AND Android is "ahead of the iPhone now" in terms of sales, availability and popularity
  • Joanna Shields (Facebook) : unveiled a new plugin that allows people to subsribe to a users updates on any site that they happen to be writing or communicating onAND  Guardian users now don't go to the publication's website, but instead use Facebook to read the paper
  • Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) : now has 15 million subscribers and 1 million check-ins every day
  • Allen Blue (LinkedIn) :  "LinkedIn would like to declare victory over the business card and we will someday."
  • Axel Dauchez (Deezer) : Deezer is rolling out to 200 countries but not U.S
  • the "BRIC" countries have some of the highest penetration rates of usage in the world. #LeWeb 
  • People in the US are using social media more than they are volunteering, praying, exercising, emailing, phone calling. #LeWeb
  • Brian Chesky (Airbnb): "I don't think the gloom that overhangs the economy has pervaded startups"
  • Loic Le Meur: Airbnb is “the biggest threat to the hotel industry"

Fast Company on the global startup culture

Om Malik (GigaOm) : "There is now a universal startup culture all over the world."

Loic Le Meur : "Today's young people will need to absorb and apply this culture to their lives. While they may not all introduce products through methods like "the lean startup," they will introduce themselves to a very different job market than the one their parents worked in. Their parents didn't have to start companies if they didn't want to, because they had "jobs." But this generation has Jobs, or his memory, as a mentor, and most "cool kids" don't want to work for anyone else. They'd rather change, or try to save, the world."

TechCrunch on venture capitalists and upcoming elections

Sean Parker : Social will decide the outcome of the election

GigaOm on the death of the web

"This is not the first time someone has declared the death (or the dying of) the web. In fact, there have been countless debates on the subject and most people involved are, in my opinion, both right but also wrong...there is a clear move away from the Document Web. The amount of code, complexity and capabilities running in a typical web page has increased dramatically over the past decade. This started with the AJAX trick that allowed web developers to load data without reloading a page. Now it has come to a point where we have all user interface code loaded into the browser...The move away from the Document Web is a result of reduced costs and important advances in Web Technology...When it comes to building apps, HTML5 and JavaScript is here to stay."

Fast Company on Silicon Valley wannabes

"Anywhere outside Silicon Valley, for all intents and purposes, is Phoenix. By that I mean the people think they lack something only Silicon Valley can provide...Every city needs more collaboration, someone to pull the pieces together. And someone to stay involved for the long term, because there is no such thing as an overnight success. Companies may need to be mentored and supported for five or 10 years. Look at Twitter--not out of the woods yet and almost six years old. The biggest problem I see outside Silicon Valley is continuity--the existence of a group of local entrepreneurs who make it themselves and then turn around and reinvest in the younger people coming up."

San Francisco Chronicle on why sound will be bigger than video

Simplicity ; you can do other things while you listen ; creation tools are changing ; and sound is connected to your emotional centers more than video - - "Don't believe it? Ljung suggests plugging your ears the next time you're watching a scary movie. Without the soundtrack, it will play more like a comedy."

Silicon Prairie News on European governments and startup ecosystems

"We now see government as part of the ecosystem," Princen - advisor for new media and information technology at the office of France President Nicolas Sarkozy - said, "not above the ecosystem looking down … I think what governments can do is facilitate, catalyze, enable innovation and try to contribute positively to the ecosystem that can work without it but can work faster and better with it."


Announcements at LeWeb

in Memeburn

Renault launched its new in-car tablet device, R-LINK: A seven inch tablet that offers a multimedia experience for consumers on the move (50 existing useful and community smartphone applications adapted for use on the move)

in Silicon Filter

Marissa Mayer : Since June 2011, Google has been seeing more maps usage on mobile devices than on the web every day

Phil Libin (Evernote) : Evernote hits 20 million users

in WebProNews

Marissa Mayer : Google+ launching check-in deals

in MacGasm

Kevin Rose : 150,000 downloads of Oink

in Gamezebo

Misha Lyalin : Cut the rope animated short makes its debut

in PR Newswire

ZenDesk : goes multilingual

in The Next Web

Fotopedia : first ever magazine for a conference


Announcements post-LeWeb

TaskRabbit raised $17.8 million for international expansion

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit CEO, has grown her board and is looking into growing TaskRabbit internationally. It's not an easy feat, with varying labor laws from country to country, but she said “We’ve got thousands of people on the waiting lists for cities that haven’t launched yet.”

Uber launched in Washington, D.C.

Uber continues their expansion after their launch at LeWeb to launch in yet another city in the U.S. 25 more are expected for 2012, and 25 after that.

HeyCrowd raised 150,000 euros

Through a combination of funds from Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Kima Ventures

Zendesk will have a French office soon

Should be by the end of 2012.

Monday, January 9, 2012 - 18:04


Although LeWeb 2011 is past and LeWeb 2012 is already on the horizon for us, we wanted to take a moment to take a tour of blog posts from this year that provided us with great feedback that we always look for. We would like to thank all of you that helped us spread the world about tech innovation in Europe and around the world and for your support.

SoLoMo at LeWeb

SoLoMo has changed the meaning of media, and one issue that our SoLoMo and Media panel looked at is how you can scale local - - and whether big media companies can attack local. Also, what is "local"? Is it city? Region? Country?

Many bloggers, for example, (naturally) highlight which speakers and startups were there from their country - and LeWeb has been criticized for having everything in English - but what does it mean to be "international" today? Does it mean that you have to put your website and/or blog in English? Investing in startups around the world?

Bloggers this year looked at how services like Uber, Instagram, Foursquare, and others are adapting their models to or being used in city-wide markets to bring what you want to find - nearby - immediately to you.

LeWeb as a platform 

This year we saw more announcements than ever before at LeWeb, and networking is still a huge part of LeWeb ; we hope that you were able to go outside of your comfort circle and approach people with whom you had never spoken before. 

The number of launches at LeWeb was dizzying and we are thrilled to see that LeWeb has become a platform for launching new ideas and making company announcements:

It's incredible to see LeWeb grow as we all support each other, "paying it forward" in our own way to help tech ecosystems grow. The web is turning our society into a highly collaborative one where either you get millions of users, or you die.

Workshops & Partners

We heard both positive and negative feedback about this year's workshops. Several people said that the workshops seemed to be mostly for "noobs," something we'll take into account when talking with our partners about workshops for 2012. 

It seems Google gave out the most goodies and Buddy Media put an entire video of one of their presentations online.

The Pullman and Eiffel docks were filled with partners including gorillas and startups - and our partners like Renault that launched its brand new in-car tablet, the R-Link.

Startup Competition

This year's 16 startups were chosen from over 600 applications! It was tough to narrow this down to just 16, but thanks to Guidewire Group, our excellent judges and Google we found our Top 3 Startups and People's Choice Award winner. Is it a good idea for us to apply our yearly theme to the Startup Competition? 

Having a great idea is one part of the game. Knowing how to present it and what is important about your company was resumed in 6 lessons (in French) by Guilhem Bertholet : know your numbers, think big, practice your English, focus, have your demo down cold, answer questions succintly and clearly.

"Change the world" was the mantra of a number of our start-ups - how can you create a simple ergonomic service like Twitter today that can have an impact worldwide?

Beintoo, an Italian startup, won the Startup Competition; they explained that they are the first user-friendly advertising platform that offers real benefits to users and advertisers: you play, you win points, and those points can be used as real-life coupons on partner advertisers' sites. 


Almost everyone this year gave us great feedback about LeWeb's organization, and we couldn't thank our team enough.

The set-up was intense, starting on Sunday before the event and ending Wednesday morning before doors opened. Although we received mostly positive feedback, a few of you mentioned minor "glitches" that you thought might be due to LeWeb being 3 days this year instead of 2, like workshop times. We tried to make sure that everything was updated on the LeWeb app and online, but we'll look at this with our partners for next year. We also heard that the Wifi was not 100% in the Pullman hall when it was packed, so thank you for this feedback.

Many bloggers commented about the buffet throughout the days - - and did you know? - - LeWeb is actually the only tech conference worldwide to serve wine at lunch.

Looking forward to LeWeb 2012

There is of course a growing number of copycats, but as Frederic de Villlamil pointed out, huge successes seek to fix a problem that the (co-)founders see in the world, not copy an existing social network. We're excited to see what LeWeb 2012 will bring, including perhaps a focus on responsible consumption. Airbnb is a standout model of how our consumption patterns are changing, and other companies are being developed with a common consumption principle in mind. 

Karl Lagerfeld - a self-proclaimed "paper freak" - announced that he is working on a book made up entirely of iPad sketches - perhaps an insight into how "non-techies" use technology for their own needs?

Eric Schmidt said that Silicon Valley needs a competitor - who will be see emerge in 2012? Maybe one of the cities that the Startup Bus passed through this yearCould the next Silicon Valley be in Lating America? Should we invite more startups from Asia? He also said that Google TV will be on the majority of TVs in stores by mid-summer of THIS YEAR. And by December?

George Colony from Forrester predicted a "post-social" period and that new actors are going to challenge Facebook, Google+ and the like for users time. Our use of social media, says Jeremiah Owyang, helps companies predict our consumption behavior, but they still need to connect business units and reduce duplicate efforts. In fact, there were a few services like Hojoki, Allmyapps, and Write ID at LeWeb that regroup your feeds (Hojoki) or your apps (Allmyapps), to help avoid duplicating information or efforts, or regroup your profiles across the web (WriteID).

It will be interesting to see how open data evolves with government involvement, including mapping pollen areas and handicap accessible travel routes. Eric Schwartzmann, Tac Heuer, Tac Anderson, Shel Holtz, and Neville Hobson recorded a podcast where they discussed Eric Schmidt's desire for governments and the tech world to work together. If you haven't seen it yet, check out what they had to say about LeWeb and European startups vs American startups

Silicon Valley Bank and Lepe Partners sponsored 20 entrepreneurs through our Adopt an Entrepreneur program. We'd like to see more sponsorships for startups that want to go to LeWeb next year!

We can't express what it's like to see LeWeb grow year after year with your participation, becoming a "reference", according to Myriam, pushing startups and unknowns to the forefront and hopefully inspiring you in your own life. Our Social Media Track on Day 3 was a great success with a full audience for most of the talks. Ramon de Leon gave his own inspiration to the audience with his talk about giving your customers "WOW"; social media is a tool that he uses to do just that.

As the first week in December has kind of become a "week of the web" in Paris, so it pushes us to make LeWeb better and better every time.

Rumors had been brewing that LeWeb would change locations for 2012, but don't worry, we'll be back in Paris next year, December 4, 5, and 6!

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This year we tried something completely new and found out that you loved it so much - one attendee even started her own : 

Illustrating LeWeb 2011 with....


JESS3 made grand summaries of every day of LeWeb in a multitude of colors that you can find on our Flickr album.

Thank you to Jim Hollander, Leslie Bradshaw, Jesse Thomas, and team for their beautiful work





JESS3 LEWEB DAY 2 White Final


JESS3 LEWEB DAY 3 Blue Final


Final Image JESS3 @LeWeb Black

2011 vs 2010

Final Image JESS3 @LeWeb 2011 vs 2010 White


Thank you to Daniel Nobre, Miguel Muñoz Duarte, and Carla Fonsecafor from LiveSketching.com their hand-drawn live sketches of every day of LeWeb.

They also put together a presentation of the collection:

Real-time hand-drawn live sketches at LeWeb'11

A LeWeb '11 attendee, we started seeing her drawings through her tweets! Esther came to LeWeb with the Startup Bus that drove from Amsterdam, to Copenhagen, to Berlin and Zurich and finally Paris, and was sitting in the audience sketching and tweeting each drawing to her favorite speakers.
When asked about her sketches, Esther said:

"I started taking sketch notes instead of notes years ago, in fact i even did it in college, its just my way of thinking really. It helps me see connections and a story line. I elaborated them somewhat some years ago on a Future of Web design conference where one of the speakers asked me to please put them online. Ever since I sketch on several conferences where I get hired to do so, I only do it when the subject is in my line of expertise though.(I am an information and communication strategist and I often use drawings to get things across)"

You can get in touch with her (or hire her for a conference ;) ) via her blog or follow her on Twitter


Friday, December 23, 2011 - 11:51


Hojoki, a platform that launched on the first day of LeWeb 2011 (check out a video here) after one year of development and six months of private alpha testing, wants to bring all your cloud apps into one place.

Free for the moment, with freemium features on the way, it ties together your apps like Beanstalk, Delicious, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Highrise, Pivotal Tracker, Ta-Da List, Twitter, and has more coming soon like Evernote and Zendesk. Everything updates in real time, and you can search and follow specific hashtags on Twitter.

They recently raised $620,000 with investors Kizoo and FishEye Analytics calculated that their launch was the most retweeted tweet of the day at LeWeb '11. With more than 1,000 new users acquired in the first two days, we're looking forward to how they will continue to develop.

For those of us that are always switching from one tab to another, this may jusy save you some time and browser space. 

Martin Böhringer, Co-Founder & CEO of Hojoki, sent us a few screenshots of what your Hojoki stream (designed as a timeline) could look like:

You can get your own Hojoki here and find Martin on Twitter to let him know what you think.




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Sunday, December 18, 2011 - 17:23


You've been numerous in sending us your stats and numbers from LeWeb 2011. We'd like to thank everyone that helped us get a real sense of what was going on online and onsite this year :

At LeWeb 2011, there were a total of over 3500 attendees in Paris from 69 countries, and more than 200,000 participants online


Radian6 analyzed stats around LeWeb for :

Pre-DAY 1 : http://slidesha.re/uRg7XG

DAY 1 : http://slidesha.re/tWb0in

DAY 2 : http://slidesha.re/uPDbRN

DAY 3 : http://slidesha.re/u0KBMY

2010 vs 2011 : http://slidesha.re/ufzZ8K

A giant infographic regrouping everything: http://bit.ly/u8DOf6

Mobile Roadie's Official LeWeb app

15,960 "sessions" in the last two weeks in the app

From 16 countries

1,072 people watched the conference live using Ustream inside the app

773 videos from past LeWeb's were watched

11,741 total downloads

95% iPhone, 5% Android


Our Official Networking partners sent us some awesome stats about 2011 - - 

Participation (the number of people who went onto the system) was even higher at nearly 75% of imported attendees, higher but still comparable to last year. However, the activity on the system increased in some cases by more than 100%.  


Total Live: 233,498

Total video on demand views from December 7-9, 2011: 303,719

Total views during Le Web of all 3 UStream Channels: 537,217 

Compared to 203,278 total views in 2009 and 385,592 total views in 2010

Total mobile live and video on demand views: 47,199


Over 300,000 views on our YouTube channel (over 100,000 already for Eric Schmidt's interview with Loic Le Meur)

42.5% of traffic from embedded players

28.5% from mobile apps and direct traffic 

Top 5 countries watching (in order); U.S.A, France, U.K., Germany, Poland


Over 226.564 unique users visited leweb.co between 07/Dec/2011 00:00:00 CET and 09/Dec/2011 23:59:59 CET

Who's at LeWeb, a networking app created by Bastien Labelle

Over 2,000 visitors

Over 3,200 pages views

Over 1,600 unique visitors

850 logins

750 unique logins

150 mentions on Twitter according to Topsy

Bill Gross - Chime.in

On Friday morning, #LeWeb Tweets peaked at 0.11% of ALL Tweets worldwide! (graph : http://chime.in/user/Bill/chime/83341932812341248)

Fisheye Analytics

70,000 articles online

Alexia's articles created almost half of the engagements of the Top 30 articles

During Karl's and Loic's talk there were 2.000 tweets - but overall he created less then 3% of the LeWeb traffic

"Instagram Is Coming to Android" was the most shared story ; it was shared over 30,000 times (full article)


December 5-12 : 1,270,622 reached

506 New "Likes" on December 7th, alone

Top cities (in order) : Sao Paulo, Seoul, Mexico City, Paris, Bogota

Almost 12,000 are now following LeWeb on our Facebook Page


4,979 total photos so far

220,308 total views

Views peaked last week at 30,140 views on December 11th, alone

The most-viewed photo is JESS3's data visualization of DAY 3 (the entire album is here):

JESS3 LEWEB DAY 3 White Final


Nespresso Lounge

47,569 tweets containing the #leweb hashtag counted by Nespresso

10,222 replies with #leweb

17,896 retweets and growing with #leweb

4,829 tweets from our Official Bloggers

37,043 tweets from attendees

1,605 tweets from our Speakers

The "great, awesome, amazing" #leweb buzzword hitlist via Mike Schwede


12 km of Wifi and ethernet cables

30,000 hot plate dishes served

900g (about 2lbs) of food per day per person

9,500kg of food total over 3 days

1,598 meals served to the production team

21,000 Nespresso capsules served over 3 days

12 lifting and handling engines

30 walkie-talkies (production team)

58 hosts and hostesses at the peak of the event Wednesday morning while greeting attendees




If you have any other numbers we missed, send them to us at michelle at leweb dot net ;)

See you next year!




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Friday, December 16, 2011 - 15:46


During the Social Media Track part of LeWeb Day 3 on our Plenary II Stage, Cedric Giorgi had a Q&A with Matt Flannery, Co-founder and CEO of Kiva.

We discussed social change and doing philanthropy in groups, as well as how Kiva got started (Kiva was initially helped by a few friends and family members of Matt until the word got out and the press fell in love with the organization), but at about minute 7:30, Matt started talking about the future.

He talked about how banking is developing and said

"Banking is being rewritten in a new way in the developing world, and in some sense it may be better than how it was written in the developed world"

He talked specifically about the rise of mobile technology and pointed out that in Kenya, about 1 in 5 transactions happens via mobile banking, that is, via text message. You can send money directly through your phone instead of using cash, and actually it's easier to use than cash! Even in the Silicon Valley you can't say that, just yet.

Matt called mobile banking "the future of microfinance," stating that

"mobile banking will rewrite the history of banking in the developing world and provide small bank accounts to hopefully billions of people one day"

Kiva just started integrating with mobile banking in Kenya, and announced the launch of Kiva Zip.

With Kiva Zip you can now you can lend money directly from a website to a farmer's phone in Kenya. According to Matt your loan will arrive in 3 minutes, with a 0% interest rate.

He did warn that since Kiva Zip is so new (2 weeks old) and so different from Kiva.org (find more about the difference here or by asking Matt directly on Twitter), they do not expect returns to attain the 99% rate they have reached for Kiva.org loans. He said, however, that they are going to try whatever they can to reduce this risk. 

According to Kiva Zip's website, "Kiva Zip is attempting to take the use of technology to the next level, such as mobile and electronic payments that enable the direct transfer of funds between lenders and borrowers."

Invitations to the pilot are available at zip.kiva.org and/or you can watch the whole video of Matt's Q&A at LeWeb below:




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Friday, December 16, 2011 - 12:35


Thank you once again to salesforce.com and Radian6 for their work.

They just published this in-depth infographic about LeWeb 2011 online! :




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Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 14:00


Over 600 applications received, 32 semi-finalists, 16 finalists, and 4 winners for this year's LeWeb edition

We would like to thank Google for their collaboration in creating the LeWeb Startup Cafe where you could vote for your favorite startup to help us choose the Top 16 finalists, and then the People's Choice winner

Thank you also to Chris Shipley from Guidewire Group who coached the Startups and hosted the judging competition Days 1 & 2


In case you missed it :

The Top 3 Winners and People's Choice

1st place Beintoo : A platform to incentivize using partner mobile applications with real-life benefits

2nd place HeyCrowd : A mobile application for polling whomever, whenever, wherever

3rd place Babelverse : Real-time translation services using a crowdsourced community that pays translators 

People's Choice Award Echo Labs Limited : Find out what people are thinking nearby and vote up your favorite opinions 


The Top 16 finalist videos used to decide the People's Choice

Geokiwi  Gauss Flagfriend Echo Labs Limited
Compath.me Commerces & Co ClearKarma Beintoo
BeetMobile Babelverse 23minutes.to InZAir
Apila HeyCrowd Staround ARNav
The Top 32 semi-finalists self-submitted videos that helped decide the Top 16 finalists thanks to votes on Google's platform
23minutes.to's LeWeb submission video : facilitates groups of friends in organizing wild ideas
Apila 's LeWeb submission video : connects drivers who look for a parking spot and drivers who leave their parking spot in the streets
ARNav 's LeWeb submission video : uses Augmented Reality which extremely simplifies navigation and giving directions to nearby Points of Interest
Babelverse 's LeWeb submission video : the first application for real-time voice translation, powered by a global community of human interpreters
BEETmobile 's LeWeb submission video : the first mobile Internet access provider powered by the crowd
Beintoo 's LeWeb submission video : the first do-it-yourself mobile gamification and rewards technology that creates a true gamification layer
Calendar42 's LeWeb submission video : the smart, social & dynamic calendar integrating context awareness and profiled information gathering on the fly
Capturall 's LeWeb submission video : a social game that you can play outdoor location based + awareness or behind your TV on your couch viewing your favorite program together with your friends
ClearKarma 's LeWeb submission video : check your food & make safer food choices with ClearKarma! Worldwide 300 million people with food-allergies or who follow special diets need access to food information
Commerces & Co 's LeWeb submission video : lets you discover small local shops around you
Compath.me 's LeWeb submission video : connects your interests and location to help you discover the places and things around you
DidThis 's LeWeb submission video : an "Action logging" Mobile Platform
Diveboard.com 's LeWeb submission video : your online SCUBA logbook
Echo Labs Limited 's LeWeb submission video : connects comments and ideas with the power of location and the crowd, bringing to light the things that matter most
EffiDriver 's LeWeb submission video : the first smart app that helps cardrivers to enhance their driving efficiency, save money and the planet
Flagtory 's LeWeb submission video : a Geosocial Platform based on localized games
Gauss 's LeWeb submission video : leverages the best of the online world to enhance the best of the offline world, helping people discover and make new real-life connections
Geokiwi 's LeWeb submission video : creates a customized located wall displaying messages posted around you
HeyCrowd 's LeWeb submission video : enables direct communication between a person and the crowd through social polling
inZair 's LeWeb submission video : the next generation mobile messaging service enabling people to communicate, share and surprise others from their mobile, using the benefit of geo-localisation and time
just.me 's LeWeb submission video : capture and share your life with individuals, or groups, using any number of photos, videos or audio recordings
Koubachi 's LeWeb submission video : exploring the potential of Smart Objects by developing and marketing related products in the field
Kwarter 's LeWeb submission video : a fun and social way to connect with your friends during live games, share comments, upload photos and collect unique in-game trophies based on real-time athlete performance
PepUp : a social mobile game based on motion of gamer which is calculated with location and accelerometer data
RadikHub 's LeWeb submission video : a social networking alternative which will enhance the productivity quotient of online networking
Shhmooze Ltd 's LeWeb submission video : a deceptively simple smartphone app that makes networking fun, fast and effective, ensuring that attendees make the most of every opportunity
Siine 's LeWeb submission video : the first icon-based keyboard that combines standard world-class Qwerty features with icon-keys that can be personalized making your messages sound like YOU
staround 's LeWeb submission video : a social game that you can play outdoor location based + awareness or behind your TV on your couch viewing your favorite program together with your friends
Topi 's LeWeb submission video : uses information such as affilitions, locations, and many more, to create contexts and facilitate serendipitous connections
Zingl 's LeWeb submission video : learns what you like on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and recommends interesting people who share common interests & places
Zymbox 's LeWeb submission video : both a mobile app for end-users (individuals and brands) and a technical platform for creative developers
Thank you to all of our judges!
Jean-David Blanc, Entrepreneur & Business Angel, Founder of AlloCine

Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Founder & CEO, vente-privee.com

Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital & Founder & Executive Chairman, mydeco

Pierre Kosciuscko Morizet, Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister & Co-Founder of ISAI, The French Entrepreneurs' Fund

Xavier Niel, Founder of the Iliad Group, Free’s parent company; Vice‐President and Director of Strategy, Iliad

Marc Simoncini, Founder & CEO, MEETIC

Sherry Coutu, Former CEO & Angel Investor

Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft Corporation

Sheila Marcelo, Founder & CEO, Care.com

Nicolas Princen, Advisor for New Media and Information Technology, Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy

Rodrigo Sepulveda, Entreprenuer & Investor

Carlos Domingo, Director, Product Development & Innovation, Telefonica Digital

David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital

Amit Shafrir, President, Badoo

Gary Shainberg, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, WISeKey

Lukasz Gadowski, Internet Entrepreneur & Investor

Stephanie Hospital, EVP, Audience & Advertising Division, Orange

Jamie Siminoff, Founder & President, NobelBiz & Founder & CEO, Edison Junior

Kristell Schuber, Marketing Director, Google France

Daniel Waterhouse, Partner, Wellington Partners

Zachary S. Bogue, Angel Investor & Advisor

Fred Destin, Partner, Atlas Ventures

Lyle Fong, Chief Strategist & Co-Founder, Lithium

Patrick Hoffstetter, Chief Digital Officer, Renault

Michael Parekh, Investor & Advisor

Congratulations to all of our semi-finalists, finalists, and winners!
If you'd like to be a part of next year's Startup Competition, we'll be announcing information early 2012.
Sign up for LeWeb's newsletter on our home page to stay in touch
Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 09:14


This year's LeWeb was bigger than ever and we are planning on making 2012 even more remarkable. 

In case you missed some or all of LeWeb, all of the videos can be found on our YouTube channel, as well as our UStream channel.

Here's a grand summary of what went down :


Karl Lagerfeld gave Loic a sketch of Steve Jobs that he had done that morning on his iPad, as well as a video announcing his new online collection. The collection that will be available on Natalie Massenet's online fashion boutique, Net-a-Porter. 
Steve Jang launched SoundTracking's Android app onstage during his Q&A with MG Siegler. The new app offers instant song recognition and full song playing, plus background processing which allows for notifications with options to share songs.
Travis Kalanick launched the car service Uber in Paris with 60 cars currently on the ground and $32 million in new funding.
Leah Busque showed a demo of TaskRabbit for iPhone, that you can use to post a task in "under 60 seconds" and have one of their TaskRabbits do it for you.
Dave Morin launched Path 2, the second version of the mobile journalling app, which is now on both iPhone and Android.
Mike McCue launched Flipboard for iPhone, which addresses the way people flip through information vertically, as opposed to horizontally on the iPad.
Kevin Rose, Co-founder and CEO of Milk, shared what it was like to move from various roles to becoming an entrepreneur, and what he's learned along the way.
Eric Schmidt discussed with Loic about Ice Cream Sandwich, Google TV, Motorola, and why app developers still focus on iOS, even though Android is beating Apple's iOS. Schmidt also talked about why Google is focusing on international cities to foster competition with the Silicon Valley.
Andrey Andreev shared Badoo's story and how he created it, as well as his plans to reach $100 billion valuation.
Joanna Shields talked about Facebook's transparency and how behaviors are changing through sharing. Facebook will soon be launching a subscribe button for websites.
Axel Dauchez, interviewed by Becky Anderson from CNN, announced that Deezer is launching in over 200 countries.
Jens Begemann showed a mobile demo of one of Wooga's games, Diamond Dash, which is now available on iPhone and iPad and automatically opens the App Store when an invite is opened.
Kevin Systrom, interviewed by Alexia Tsotsis, said that an Android app that is on the way for Instagram and the network they have created that rivals competition from Facebook and Apple
Allen Blue discussed the future of LinkedIn with MG Siegler, networking, the future of professional tools and why LinkedIn wants to get rid of business cards forever 
Dennis Crowley talked with Robert Scoble about some of Foursquare's stats: 15 million users, 30 million locations, growth in Europe and Brazil, as well as the competitive landscape of location-based services


Opening remarks with Loic & Geraldine Le Meur and a Surprise BMX Performance from @Alexjumelin and @Matthiasdando

The Money Panel, moderated by Jonathan Goodwin, CEO & Partner J Goodwin & Co LLP with Jeff Clavier, Founder & Managing Partner, SoftTech V, Harry Nelis, Partner, Accel Partners, Dave McClure, 500 Hats, and Eric Archambeau, General Partner, Wellington Partners talked about identifying bubbles, growth in China, education, and emerging economies.
Bill Gross, CEO of Idealab, with 20 years of entrepreneurial experience talked about learning from failure and his 12 tips for succeeding
Brian Chesky was interviewed by Sarah Lane from TWiT Network about Airbnb becoming a source of people, places, and experiences just like Google is a source of information
Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote announced that starting in Spring 2012, all Orange cus­tomers will receive a pre­mium sub­scrip­tion to Ever­note. He also talked with Loic about building trust, retaining users, and their launch of Evernote Hello to remember people and Evernote Food to capture food experiences. 
Chris Capossel, SVP for Microsoft told Loic why developers will be tempted to create apps for Windows 8 and why Windows is a relevant platform that continues to grow
Carmine Gallo, author on the presentation skills of Steve Jobs, showed how Steve Jobs was able to communicate his visonary ideas, because if you have great ideas but you can't communicate them, "it doesn't really matter"
Marissa Mayer, interviewed by MG Siegler said that Google "tried not to overpromise" when they launched Google Plus. She talked about mapping indoor spaces and smart data usage.
George Colony, CEO of Forrester, created a controversy by predicting a “post-social web” that will see social web applications evolve to deliver “more efficient, easier to use, higher value-to-time ratios”
How is Social Local Mobile changing enterprise moderated by: Paul Papadimitriou, VP & Analyst, Constellation Research with Nigel Beck, Vice President, Business Development and M&A Social Software, IBM Corporation, Auren Hoffman, CEO, Rapleaf, and JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist, Salesforce.com talked about enterprise versus consumer software and listening to customers.
Jeremiah Owyang shared his latest research that it is now time to "return to basics and focus on building a scalable infrastructure –before jumping into adopting social tools"
Marco Tempest, a world renowned digital magician wowed the audience with his show of magic and inspiration. He said, "Believe in your magic. If you do not believe in your own magic, how do you expect other people to believe in you?”
Loic gave a tour of what it's like backstage for those of you wondering what it's like to direct and edit an event like LeWeb live
Joseph Tame, known for his love of digital devices, said he is the personification of social, local, and mobile. He constantly has multiple streaming devices on him and has raised a significant amount of money for charity by running with his incredible outfit.
Ariel Garten, Co-founder and CEO of Interaxon retourned to give an update this year on connecting computers to your brain
Deb Roy, Co-founder and CEO of Bluefin Labs shared his research of connecting TV and the social web, wordscapes, and TV genomes
Yves Behar was interviewed by Om Malik about the importance of design for Jawbone and Fuseproduct when creating a product and the value it can create 
Danil Kozyatnikov, Founder & CEO of Questli launched iPhone and Android apps for the game at LeWeb
Niklas Zennstrom talked about the growth of e-commerce, creating billion-dollar companies in Europe, and aiming high at Atomico
How is social local mobile changing media moderated by Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director of Social Media, Ogilvy Mather with Paul-François Fournier, Executive Vice President, Orange Technocentre, Gabe Rivera, Founder & CEO, Techmeme, Bruno Patino, Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy Digital Director, France Télévisions Group & France 5, and Brad Garlinghouse, President, Consumer Applications & Commerce Group, AOL
Leo Laporte talked with Loic about sharing events online, the success of TWiT TV (5 million unique visitors per month), and podcasting as a medium
Jared Goralnick hosted Ignite LeWeb again this year and introduced this year's 10 speakers and how Ignite sessions are run
Yuval Ariav's Ignite LeWeb Talk: Playing (with) the Market-Fun Facts about the Android Market
Martin Bohringer's Ignite LeWeb Talk: Copycat Music: What Does it Mean to be an Original?
Emmanuel Carraud's Ignite LeWeb Talk: How to Solve the App Store Discovery Problem
Trevor Dougherty's Ignite LeWeb Talk: We're Not All as Smart as You Think We Are 
Simon Lindgren's Ignite LeWeb Talk: From Flaneur to SmartMob: Collectively Experiencing Paris
Greg Pouy's Ignite LeWeb Talk: Is the Web Turning Us Into Monsters?
Sara Rosso's Ignite LeWeb Talk: The Future Way of Working: The Distributed Company
Anina Net's Ignite LeWeb Talk: Chinese Tech & Doing Business in China
Dave Troy's Ignite LeWeb Talk: Knowing Why (Connaitre Porquoi)
Yossi Vardi, Pioneer, Investor, & Entrepreneur, talked about problems that entrepreneurs face, including doing too much of the same.
How European governments support startup ecosystems moderated by Sherry Coutu, Former CEO & Angel Investor with Nicolas Princen, Advisor for New Media and Information Technology, Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy and Eric Van der Kleij, CEO, Tech City Investment Organisation discussed the importance of government involvement in the start-up ecosystem, job creation, and investing to create
Matthew Mengerink was interviewed by Robert Scoble about e-commerce trends, ratings and reviews, and how we buy today
Ryan Sarver, Twitter's Director of Platform talked with MG Siegler about coming updates for Twitter, including being able to reach further into followers' profiles
Kiran Bellubbi discussed building mobile products at 955 Dreams and creating products that people love using
Ben Parr talked about his favorite topic, Entrepreneurship, with plenty of LOLcats, and what the tech scene looks like today
Daniel Ek was interviewed by Loic on Spotify's success in finding a middle ground between users and the music industry
Fernando Madeira, Co-founder and CEO of Terra gave an update on economic and digital development in Latin America, including how the market is growing and changing
Fabrice Grinda, Internet Entrepreneur, angel investor,Co-CEO, OLX talked about the trials and tribulations of Angel Investing in Brazil, Russia and around the world
Étienne Mineur, from Les Editions Volumiques, presented the book of the future - a cross between video games and traditional books
Jason Jacobs gave a mobile demo of Runkeeper and talked about his realization that if we could centralize health information in one place, we could create a healthier world
Ouriel Ohayon gave a mobile demo of Appsfire, a top app for discovering new apps as well as apps that are specific to your tastes, and that have dropped in price
Carlos Tavares, COO of Renault, talked with Loic about the future of green cars and using technology to create smart cars, as well as Renault's part in financing startups
A surprise performance by Wass & Sean, who is the French and World champion in Freestyle Football
Alexander Ljung, Co-founder of SoundCloud, declared that sound will be the next revolution online and will be "bigger than video"
Misha Lyalin, Chairman & CEO of Zeptolab showed a new popular game "Cut the Rope" and described how they have made it evolve beyond being "just" a game
Sean Parker & Shervin Pishevar were interviewed by Alexia Tsotsis and took questions from the crowd about being serial entrepreneurs and what it takes
Start-Up Competition Finalist Demos & Awards Ceremony : 1st place Beintoo, 2nd place Hey Crowd, 3rd place Babelverse
DAY 1 - - PLENARY II STAGE : Startup Competition
Introduction Session 1 with Chris Shipley from Guidewire Group with judges Sherry Coutu, Former CEO & Angel Investor, Dan'l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft Corporation, Sheila Marcelo, Founder & CEO, Care.com, Nicolas Princen, Advisor for New Media and Information Technology, Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Rodrigo Sepulveda, Entreprenuer & Investor
23minutes.to : A service that facilitates groups of friends organizing to meet up - in less than 23 minutes
Flagfriend : A geolocalized game platform 
HeyCrowd : A mobile application for polling whomever, whenever, wherever
Geokiwi : Leave virtual post-it notes that are tagged by geolocation
Introduction Session 2 with judges Carlos Domingo, Director, Product Development & Innovation, Telefonica Digital, David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital, Amit Shafrir, President, Badoo, and Gary Shainberg, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, WISeKey
Babelverse : Real-time translation services using a crowdsourced community that pays translators 
inZair : Send geolocalized rich media messages that can be scheduled for a certain time
ARNav : Use virtual reality to guide you in a new city or your own rather than a flat map
Compath.me : Share and discover favorite places around you
DAY 2 - - PLENARY II STAGE : Startup Competition
Introduction Session 3 with judges Lukasz Gadowski, Internet Entrepreneur & Investor, Stephanie Hospital, EVP, Audience & Advertising Division, Orange , Jamie Siminoff, Founder & President, NobelBiz & Founder & CEO, Edison Junior, Kristell Schuber, Marketing Director, Google France, and Daniel Waterhouse, Partner, Wellington Partners
Apila : Find a parking spot using the Apila parking community
Staround : Get opinions from your friends
Gauss : Use the "people magnet" to find people that are similar to you and nearby
Beintoo : A platform to incentivize using partner mobile applications with real-life benefits
Introduction Session 4 with judges Zachary S. Bogue, Angel Investor & Advisor, Fred Destin, Partner, Atlas Ventures, Lyle Fong, Chief Strategist & Co-Founder, Lithium, Patrick Hoffstetter, Chief Digital Officer, Renault, and Michael Parekh, Investor & Advisor
Commerces & Co : Discover local stores and stay in touch with them
Echo Labs Limited : Find out what people are thinking nearby and vote up your favorite opinions
ClearKarma : Find food items that are safe for your food allergies, and share your list with friends and family
Beetmobile : The mobile access provider powered by the crowd
DAY 2 - - PLENARY II STAGE Afternoon
Facebook Workshop “The Power of the Graph" with Christian Hernandez, Director of Platform Partnerships, Facebook
LinkedIn Workshop "How to Drive Brand Engagement Using The LinkedIn Platform" with Jennifer Weedn, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Start-Up Clusters in Europe with Mike Butcher, Editor, TechCrunch Europe, Alexander Ljung, Founder & CEO, SoundCloud, Gilles Babinet, Entrepreneur, Chairman of Conseil National du Numerique, and Elizabeth Varley, Co-Founder & CEO, TechHub
Michael Fertik, Founder, Reputation.com on the Privacy Economy: data mining, data collection, and the invasive way technology is becoming a part of our lives
Panel - Game On! with Thomas Crampton, Asia-Pacific Director of Social Media, Ogilvy Mather, Julien Codorniou, Head of European Gaming Partnerships, Facebook, Jens Begemann, Founder, Wooga, and Riccardo Zacconi, Co-Founder & CEO, King.com
DAY 3 - - PLENARY II STAGE : Social Media Track
Leveraging the voice of your customer with Alexia Tsotsis, Writer, TechCrunch, Brett Hurt, Founder & CEO, Bazaarvoice, Wendy S. Lea, CEO, Get Satisfaction, and Mikkel Svane, CEO,  Zendesk
Latest Trends for Facebook pages by Michael Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media
Going beyond creating a Facebook page with Martin Bryant, European Editor, The Next Web, Matthieu Chéreau, Founder & CEO, Tigerlily, Victoria Ransom, CEO, Wildfire, and Jan Rezab, Co-Founder & CEO, Socialbakers
Richard Binhammer, Director of Social Media and Community at Dell: Building a social business : The miles to go before we can sleep
Social organizations is a paradigm shift with Richard Collin, Professor, Director, Enterprise 2.0 Institute, Grenoble Management School, Sandy Carter, Vice President, Social Business Sales and Evangelism, IBM, Polly Sumner, Chief Adoption Officer, Salesforce.com, and Nicolas Rolland, Director Social Prospective, Danone
Guillaume du Gardier spoke with Michelle Chmielewski about what to do when you have 50 million fans that you didn't ask for, or pay to get
Ramon de Leon, Social Media Marketing at Domino's Pizza: Engage the World by "Trusting your Instincts"
B. Bonin Bough, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo: Digital Fitness: Educating a Global Organization
Matt Flannery, Co-founder and CEO of Kiva Q&A with Cedric Giorgi on creating Kiva and using the web to create an international microcredit organization
Data or content - the key to social media marketing with Emmanuel Vivier, Digital Advertising & Social Media Marketing Expert, Amelie Bourgeois-Dagues, Direct Marketing & Internet Director, Disneyland Paris, Jean-Robert Bellanger, Digital Marketing Manager, Red Bull France, Tanguy Favennec, E-Marketing Director, Air France
Closing Remarks of the Social Media Track with Cedric Giorgi and Michelle Chmielewski
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 15:16


LeWeb has become known as an event to see and be seen, network, find business, and be inspired.

There is one other quality of LeWeb that hit me when I asked Loic Le Meur what the values of LeWeb are when I first joined the team. He said, 

LeWeb is about entrepreneurship. It's about being international. It's about inspiration. It's about the best of the best.

If next year, the best companies are in China, LeWeb may be in Chinese, who knows?

THAT said, I felt the need to point out that LeWeb's speakers - and audience - is certainly international. If anything, it is diversity in the Silicon Valley that is lacking.


13 of the 16 Startup finalists in our Startup Competition were European.

6 were French.

One was from Japan.

One from Hong Kong, and one of the Top 3 was based in Chile.

31 of our speakers and startup judges were European, not including the Ignite LeWeb speakers.

European "stars" like Badoo, SoundCloud, Deezer, Cut the Rope, Spotify, Net-A-Porter, Wooga, and many more were onstage.

One of the entire panels on the Social Media Track was French.

All of the surprise performances included athletes from Europe and almost all are French and/or world champions.


3500 participants came to LeWeb at Les Docks in Paris

69 countries were represented

16 of the 20 entrepreneurs that were sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank and Lepe Partners  were European.

4 were from North and South America. 

All of our partners have offices in Europe or are international companies


63% of online participants during the 3 days were based outside of the U.S., a third of them were in France

The top hashtags on Day 3, after #leweb and #leweb11 were #lewebfrancetv and #spotify. #lewebfrancetv was also one of the top hashtags on Day 1 & Day 2

The most talked-about Startup on Days 2 & 3 was Beintoo, an Italian startup

And in case you missed it, we launched a series of blog posts before LeWeb entitled "LeWeb is international" to highlight the many interesting attendees and speakers that we have had at past LeWebs. 




Posted by Michelle Chmielewski

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 - 16:11

LeWeb is all about worldwide web leaders, so when we decided to add some surprise performances, it was logical for us to invite leader artists in their field. And we were lucky to have for you at LeWeb 7 young French artists who are worldwide champions in their disciplin!

The first day: Jeremy Maupilet, Wilfried Ebongue & Marcio de barros who are triple French champions and double vice world champions in Break Dance


The second day: Alex Jumelin and Matthias Dandois, who's triple world champion and X-Games finalist in Flat BMX


The third day: WassSean, who is the French and World champion in Freestyle Football


You can also see a lot of beautiful pictures of these performances on Flickr => Break Dance, BMX or Foot Freestyle


Posted by Cédric Giorgi

Monday, December 12, 2011 - 18:27


We'd like to say thank you to Radian6 for following everything that was going on online around LeWeb during all 3 days of the conference!

Their presentations that we posted on our Slideshare account have repeatedly received top views and we now have their evaluation of DAY 3 as well as a comparison of 2010 buzz online versus 2011.

Check out their analyses of Day 1 and Day 2.

LeWeb Radian6 Summary DAY 3

View more presentations from Le Web

LeWeb Radian6 Summary 2010 vs 2011

View more presentations from Le Web
Monday, December 12, 2011 - 17:31


Thank you! JESS3 who was at LeWeb to catch every moment in illustration.

We've already posted their multicolor representations of Day 1 and Day 2, and now we have their amazing data visualization of Day 3 at LeWeb by the JESS3 team.

[You can find all of their illustrations on our Flickr account]


JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3 JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3JESS3 @LeWeb DAY 3




Posted by Michelle Chmielewski

Monday, December 12, 2011 - 16:12

Livesketching @ LeWeb'11 was a real success (look at the stats of the Flickr collection with all the illustrations)

If you missed them, we've compiled all of them in one presentation. Enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011 - 15:55

Congratulations to our Startup Competition winners!

1st Place Winner - Beintoo

2nd Place Winner - HeyCrowd 

3rd Place Winner - Babelverse

People's Choice Award - Echo Labs Limited 

If missed their presentations :

1st Place Winner - Beintoo

Beintoo is the first gamification of app development for web and mobile developers.

2nd Place Winner - HeyCrowd

You can download their app for free in the Appstore now to find out what crowds around you think

3rd Place Winner - Babelverse

Babelverse puts people and companies that need real time translation together.

People's Choice Award - Echo Labs Limited 

Echoer is a new app that enables you to shape and explore a world of thoughts around you.

We enjoyed seeing all 16 of you present during our sessions Day 1 & 2, and want to congratulate all of the teams that participated. 

Thank you to Guidewire Group that helped us select, coach, and host this portion of LeWeb.

Each of the 16 finalists presented on our Eiffel Stage in front of a panel of top judges, and the final 3 presented their pitch before a panel of select judges on the mainstage.

The People's Choice Award winner was chosen with the help of your votes on our YouTube channel created in collaboration with Google. 

Thank you to our wonderful panel of judges for the finale:

  • Jean-David Blanc, Entrepreneur & Business Angel, Founder of AlloCine
  • Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Founder & CEO, vente-privee.com
  • Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital & Founder & Executive Chairman,
  • mydeco
  • Pierre Kosciuscko Morizet, Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister & Co-Founder of ISAI, The
  • French Entrepreneurs' Fund.
  • Xavier Niel, Founder of the Iliad Group, Free’s parent company; Vice‐President and Director of Strategy, Iliad
  • Marc Simoncini, Founder & CEO, MEETIC



Posted by Michelle Chmielewski



LeWeb Latest News

Sun, 10/30/2011 - 02:03
Jérôme Choain, AKA @jcfrog just recently wrote, directed, and produced a song and video about SOLOMO, this year Leweb's theme, this is brilliant! For those of you unfamiliar with Jérôme's singing abilities, this is far from his first song. He is a French web humorist whose speciality is creating parodies of famous songs with geek-y or web-related lyrics. Check out Geek, You're on Twitter now or his Youtube Channel. Thanks, J...
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 16:07
We're thrilled to see 4 of this year's LeWeb speakers, as well as 3 from last year's LeWeb, in Forbes's 40 under 40 listing. Every year, we bring the best of the best to LeWeb to help entrepreneurs to succeed in business, and to inspire them to succeed in life : Daniel Ek CEO & Founder of Spotify "Our dream is to make all the world's music available instantly to everyone."     Marissa Mayer VP, Product...
Sun, 10/30/2011 - 16:07
"Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of."   - Charles Richards Unless you count 42 more days until LeWeb '11! Tickets are going fast. Next Monday, October 31st is the last day to get a Fall Discount ticket so sign up now before it's too late. Seize the day, and see you there.
Mon, 09/12/2011 - 23:14
LeWeb is only 3 months away... We have secured some special deals for you with hotels in Paris. Those are all on the Metro Line 12 - direct to the venue. Check what's available here
Mon, 09/12/2011 - 23:10
This year’s LeWeb’11 Startup Competition will honor the top 3 startups creating state-of-the-art apps and products for the Social/Local/Mobile (SoLoMo) marketplace.  We’re looking for the most exciting and innovative ideas that exploit the power of social engagement and location awareness of tablet and mobile phone devices. 
Register your company now. Applications deadline is Oct 15,2011.
Thu, 02/03/2011 - 17:47
You can find all the 2010 talks on Youtube/lewebparis. 2 days of plenary stages and Startup Competition.  
Thu, 02/03/2011 - 17:44
By Loic Le Meur It's my 9th Davos in a row and I am lucky to be invited to speak twice this year, I'm giving a talk on future trends "digital convergence" in David Kirkpatrick's session and I moderate my own dinner on "social networking addiction" tonight, both are over-registered (the WEF keeps the sessions small) which makes my day.Here is the 10 mins video and a few notes, there are many more trends but I did not have more time. Thanks...