LeWeb 2011 in the Press


Every year, the goal of LeWeb and its press relations is to put forward the startups and stars that will be at LeWeb. We are thrilled to have such a program and share what will be going on both with international tech and non-tech spheres. This year we saw press apparitions about LeWeb in:

NYTimes on France as the focus of digital optimism

Nicolas Sarkozy : "I greatly admire American vitality"

Eric Schmidt : "I love France"

Loic Le Meur: “There has been a dramatic shift in the last few years with European entrepreneurs who are no longer trying to be copycats of American tech, which was pretty sad. Europeans are now really innovating on their own.” 

Wall Street Journal on Schmidt's "spikiness" onstage

Schmidt : Paris could be Europe's digital tech hub, but "you have to get your act together...Key to that, he said, would be governments leading the rollout of high-speed fixed and wireless Internet. That would, he said, allow digital businesses to flourish and create jobs without further state help."

Wired on the importance of social

"When Ogilvy Mather’s Thomas Crampton asked the audience “Who here thinks Twitter is media?” a fair three quarters raised their hands. This raises the old question: has “old school media” given way to more social, local, mobile ways of sharing news?... Social means reaching a great scale even if the story happens locally"

CNN liveblogging

  • Lagerfeld : launched an exclusive online clothes collection Karl.com that will be launched in partnership with Net-A-Porter shopping portal on January 25, owns 30-40 iPads that he uses as diaries, photobooks and sketches. and drew a sketch of Steve Jobs during his presentation
  • Schmidt : showed Ice Cream Sandwich and "near-field communication" - the conversations that take place between physically proximal devices AND Android is "ahead of the iPhone now" in terms of sales, availability and popularity
  • Joanna Shields (Facebook) : unveiled a new plugin that allows people to subsribe to a users updates on any site that they happen to be writing or communicating onAND  Guardian users now don't go to the publication's website, but instead use Facebook to read the paper
  • Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) : now has 15 million subscribers and 1 million check-ins every day
  • Allen Blue (LinkedIn) :  "LinkedIn would like to declare victory over the business card and we will someday."
  • Axel Dauchez (Deezer) : Deezer is rolling out to 200 countries but not U.S
  • the "BRIC" countries have some of the highest penetration rates of usage in the world. #LeWeb 
  • People in the US are using social media more than they are volunteering, praying, exercising, emailing, phone calling. #LeWeb
  • Brian Chesky (Airbnb): "I don't think the gloom that overhangs the economy has pervaded startups"
  • Loic Le Meur: Airbnb is “the biggest threat to the hotel industry"

Fast Company on the global startup culture

Om Malik (GigaOm) : "There is now a universal startup culture all over the world."

Loic Le Meur : "Today's young people will need to absorb and apply this culture to their lives. While they may not all introduce products through methods like "the lean startup," they will introduce themselves to a very different job market than the one their parents worked in. Their parents didn't have to start companies if they didn't want to, because they had "jobs." But this generation has Jobs, or his memory, as a mentor, and most "cool kids" don't want to work for anyone else. They'd rather change, or try to save, the world."

TechCrunch on venture capitalists and upcoming elections

Sean Parker : Social will decide the outcome of the election

GigaOm on the death of the web

"This is not the first time someone has declared the death (or the dying of) the web. In fact, there have been countless debates on the subject and most people involved are, in my opinion, both right but also wrong...there is a clear move away from the Document Web. The amount of code, complexity and capabilities running in a typical web page has increased dramatically over the past decade. This started with the AJAX trick that allowed web developers to load data without reloading a page. Now it has come to a point where we have all user interface code loaded into the browser...The move away from the Document Web is a result of reduced costs and important advances in Web Technology...When it comes to building apps, HTML5 and JavaScript is here to stay."

Fast Company on Silicon Valley wannabes

"Anywhere outside Silicon Valley, for all intents and purposes, is Phoenix. By that I mean the people think they lack something only Silicon Valley can provide...Every city needs more collaboration, someone to pull the pieces together. And someone to stay involved for the long term, because there is no such thing as an overnight success. Companies may need to be mentored and supported for five or 10 years. Look at Twitter--not out of the woods yet and almost six years old. The biggest problem I see outside Silicon Valley is continuity--the existence of a group of local entrepreneurs who make it themselves and then turn around and reinvest in the younger people coming up."

San Francisco Chronicle on why sound will be bigger than video

Simplicity ; you can do other things while you listen ; creation tools are changing ; and sound is connected to your emotional centers more than video - - "Don't believe it? Ljung suggests plugging your ears the next time you're watching a scary movie. Without the soundtrack, it will play more like a comedy."

Silicon Prairie News on European governments and startup ecosystems

"We now see government as part of the ecosystem," Princen - advisor for new media and information technology at the office of France President Nicolas Sarkozy - said, "not above the ecosystem looking down … I think what governments can do is facilitate, catalyze, enable innovation and try to contribute positively to the ecosystem that can work without it but can work faster and better with it."


Announcements at LeWeb

in Memeburn

Renault launched its new in-car tablet device, R-LINK: A seven inch tablet that offers a multimedia experience for consumers on the move (50 existing useful and community smartphone applications adapted for use on the move)

in Silicon Filter

Marissa Mayer : Since June 2011, Google has been seeing more maps usage on mobile devices than on the web every day

Phil Libin (Evernote) : Evernote hits 20 million users

in WebProNews

Marissa Mayer : Google+ launching check-in deals

in MacGasm

Kevin Rose : 150,000 downloads of Oink

in Gamezebo

Misha Lyalin : Cut the rope animated short makes its debut

in PR Newswire

ZenDesk : goes multilingual

in The Next Web

Fotopedia : first ever magazine for a conference


Announcements post-LeWeb

TaskRabbit raised $17.8 million for international expansion

Leah Busque, TaskRabbit CEO, has grown her board and is looking into growing TaskRabbit internationally. It's not an easy feat, with varying labor laws from country to country, but she said “We’ve got thousands of people on the waiting lists for cities that haven’t launched yet.”

Uber launched in Washington, D.C.

Uber continues their expansion after their launch at LeWeb to launch in yet another city in the U.S. 25 more are expected for 2012, and 25 after that.

HeyCrowd raised 150,000 euros

Through a combination of funds from Jacques-Antoine Granjon and Kima Ventures

Zendesk will have a French office soon

Should be by the end of 2012.

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More than 600 start-ups applied for this year's LeWeb's start-up competition, forcing us to be incredibly selective and accepting only start-ups that will launch at LeWeb to make sure that they are on an even playing field. While we would have liked to keep them all, only 32 made the semi-finalist cut, and posted their video pitches on YouTube via a partnership with Google. Now, 16 finalists that will present onstage at LeWeb December 9th, led by Chris Shipley from Guidewire. New...