Nicolas Princen

Advisor for New Media and Information Technology
Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Princen is the Advisor for New Media and Information Technology at the office of President Nicolas Sarkozy. His responsibilities range from New Media (as head of the team in charge of digital communications at the Elysée) to Internet policy (innovation and growth through President Sarkozy’s digital agenda). In 2011, he organized the e-G8 Forum in Paris,  putting together the first high level meeting between the G8 heads of states and the leaders of the tech community.

Nicolas holds a Masters in Philosophy from Ecole Normale Supérieure and a Masters in International Relations and Foreign Policy from Sciences Po Paris. He is a graduate from HEC Business School, where he specialized in Entrepreneurship.

Nicolas has a passion for theater, media, and politics. He is not a developper, and sometimes feels bad about it.