Michael Parekh

Investor & Advisor

A Wall Street veteran for over two decades, former Partner/MD at Goldman Sachs, and founder of its Internet Research franchise in 1994, Michael has been living online since the early days of CompuServe, Minitel and Prodigy in the ‘80s and AOL in the ‘90s.  His passion is identifying, advising, incubating and investing in entrepreneurs focused on building industry disruptive businesses. Michael built the Internet Research franchise at the firm, which eventually comprised of many analysts covering major internet segments around the world.

In the 1990’s, Michael was the lead research analyst for the IPOs of leading Internet companies like UUNET, Yahoo!, eBay, DoubleClick, GeoCities, Exodus, Real Networks, Checkpoint Software, Red Hat, LoudCloud, Equinix, amongst many other pioneering companies, as well as covering companies like America Online and Netscape.  He was an Institutional Investor (II) ranked analyst for the Internet for many years.
His focus spanned Internet sectors ranging from software, access, infrastructure and mobile, to online consumer, commerce and content companies worldwide.

He also advised incumbent companies around the world on their Internet strategies and acquisitions, helping many in building and spinning out internet versions of their core businesses.

A native of India, Michael, aka Mukesh, grew up in the middle east, coming to the US in 1977 for college.  He earned his BSc in Finance at Auburn University in 1980, and MBA at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982.

Michael now avidly follows technology and internet trends, actively invests in internet companies, and serves as advisor and/or board member of various companies.

His Twitter and Facebook handles are MParekh. He also Google+es as Michael Parekh.

Michael can generally be found in the vicinity of LAX, NYC and SFO at any point in time.