Marc Simoncini

Founder & CEO

Marc Simoncini is the 47 year-old CEO and founder of MEETIC, and an ESI graduate. He initially founded the Opsion Innovation IT Services company in 1989, which specialised in developing interactive solutions under UNIX. In 1998, he launched the ifrance network in France, Switzerland, Quebec and Belgium successively, selling this network to Vivendi in April 2000. He then intervened as an advisor and business angel in various start-ups before setting off on a totally new adventure, setting up MEETIC in January 2002. MEETIC rapidly became a real phenomenon to say the least. Seven years after its commercial launch, MEETIC has established itself as the European leader in online dating, with over 40 million profiles registered since its creation. Following, ever since its creation, a clear European leadership strategy based on a quality-first policy, innovative marketing and perfect technological know-how, the company is intent on permanently improving its services and meeting even more fully the various expectations of its subscribers. Since 2008, Meetic manages two dating and matchmaking services, mainly around the meetic and Meetic Affinity brands and markets two highly complementary economic models on the dating market, one based on internet use, the other on mobile phones. By acquiring the European activities of world leader in June 2009, Meetic has strengthened its first place on the continent. The group is currently established in 16 European countries, as well as in Latin America, and is available in 13 languages. From inception, the group has pursued a clear leadership strategy focusing on quality, innovative marketing and perfect technological expertise. Meetic works hard to optimise service quality and to satisfy every possible expectation of its European subscribers. In 2009, Meetic posted sales of €157.9 million and an EBITDA margin of 23,7%.