Deb Roy

Co-Founder and CEO
Bluefin Labs

Deb Roy is Co-Founder and CEO of Bluefin Labs and has more than 20 years of research experience in machine intelligence, cognitive science and media convergence combined with a long history of working with Fortune 500 companies to translate research ideas into commercial use. He is a tenured team-member of the MIT faculty and director of the Cognitive Machines group at the MIT Media Lab where he pioneered research on modeling human behavior using massive data sets.

Bluefin Labs was created within the MIT Media Lab, as an off-shoot of the founder’s Deb Roy and Michael Fleishman’s Speechome Project, the goal of which was to understand language development by making a complete digital record of the first years of a child’s home life and analyzing that record computationally.

A native of Canada, Roy received his bachelor of computer engineering from the University of Waterloo and his PhD in cognitive science from MIT. Roy is currently on leave from MIT.