Top Stats from LeWeb 2011


You've been numerous in sending us your stats and numbers from LeWeb 2011. We'd like to thank everyone that helped us get a real sense of what was going on online and onsite this year :

At LeWeb 2011, there were a total of over 3500 attendees in Paris from 69 countries, and more than 200,000 participants online


Radian6 analyzed stats around LeWeb for :

Pre-DAY 1 :

DAY 1 :

DAY 2 :

DAY 3 :

2010 vs 2011 :

A giant infographic regrouping everything:

Mobile Roadie's Official LeWeb app

15,960 "sessions" in the last two weeks in the app

From 16 countries

1,072 people watched the conference live using Ustream inside the app

773 videos from past LeWeb's were watched

11,741 total downloads

95% iPhone, 5% Android


Our Official Networking partners sent us some awesome stats about 2011 - - 

Participation (the number of people who went onto the system) was even higher at nearly 75% of imported attendees, higher but still comparable to last year. However, the activity on the system increased in some cases by more than 100%.  


Total Live: 233,498

Total video on demand views from December 7-9, 2011: 303,719

Total views during Le Web of all 3 UStream Channels: 537,217 

Compared to 203,278 total views in 2009 and 385,592 total views in 2010

Total mobile live and video on demand views: 47,199


Over 300,000 views on our YouTube channel (over 100,000 already for Eric Schmidt's interview with Loic Le Meur)

42.5% of traffic from embedded players

28.5% from mobile apps and direct traffic 

Top 5 countries watching (in order); U.S.A, France, U.K., Germany, Poland


Over 226.564 unique users visited between 07/Dec/2011 00:00:00 CET and 09/Dec/2011 23:59:59 CET

Who's at LeWeb, a networking app created by Bastien Labelle

Over 2,000 visitors

Over 3,200 pages views

Over 1,600 unique visitors

850 logins

750 unique logins

150 mentions on Twitter according to Topsy

Bill Gross -

On Friday morning, #LeWeb Tweets peaked at 0.11% of ALL Tweets worldwide! (graph :

Fisheye Analytics

70,000 articles online

Alexia's articles created almost half of the engagements of the Top 30 articles

During Karl's and Loic's talk there were 2.000 tweets - but overall he created less then 3% of the LeWeb traffic

"Instagram Is Coming to Android" was the most shared story ; it was shared over 30,000 times (full article)


December 5-12 : 1,270,622 reached

506 New "Likes" on December 7th, alone

Top cities (in order) : Sao Paulo, Seoul, Mexico City, Paris, Bogota

Almost 12,000 are now following LeWeb on our Facebook Page


4,979 total photos so far

220,308 total views

Views peaked last week at 30,140 views on December 11th, alone

The most-viewed photo is JESS3's data visualization of DAY 3 (the entire album is here):

JESS3 LEWEB DAY 3 White Final


Nespresso Lounge

47,569 tweets containing the #leweb hashtag counted by Nespresso

10,222 replies with #leweb

17,896 retweets and growing with #leweb

4,829 tweets from our Official Bloggers

37,043 tweets from attendees

1,605 tweets from our Speakers

The "great, awesome, amazing" #leweb buzzword hitlist via Mike Schwede


12 km of Wifi and ethernet cables

30,000 hot plate dishes served

900g (about 2lbs) of food per day per person

9,500kg of food total over 3 days

1,598 meals served to the production team

21,000 Nespresso capsules served over 3 days

12 lifting and handling engines

30 walkie-talkies (production team)

58 hosts and hostesses at the peak of the event Wednesday morning while greeting attendees




If you have any other numbers we missed, send them to us at michelle at leweb dot net ;)

See you next year!




Posted by Michelle Chmielewski



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