The Grand Startup Recap of LeWeb 2011


Over 600 applications received, 32 semi-finalists, 16 finalists, and 4 winners for this year's LeWeb edition

We would like to thank Google for their collaboration in creating the LeWeb Startup Cafe where you could vote for your favorite startup to help us choose the Top 16 finalists, and then the People's Choice winner

Thank you also to Chris Shipley from Guidewire Group who coached the Startups and hosted the judging competition Days 1 & 2


In case you missed it :

The Top 3 Winners and People's Choice

1st place Beintoo : A platform to incentivize using partner mobile applications with real-life benefits

2nd place HeyCrowd : A mobile application for polling whomever, whenever, wherever

3rd place Babelverse : Real-time translation services using a crowdsourced community that pays translators 

People's Choice Award Echo Labs Limited : Find out what people are thinking nearby and vote up your favorite opinions 


The Top 16 finalist videos used to decide the People's Choice

Geokiwi  Gauss Flagfriend Echo Labs Limited Commerces & Co ClearKarma Beintoo
BeetMobile Babelverse InZAir
Apila HeyCrowd Staround ARNav
The Top 32 semi-finalists self-submitted videos that helped decide the Top 16 finalists thanks to votes on Google's platform's LeWeb submission video : facilitates groups of friends in organizing wild ideas
Apila 's LeWeb submission video : connects drivers who look for a parking spot and drivers who leave their parking spot in the streets
ARNav 's LeWeb submission video : uses Augmented Reality which extremely simplifies navigation and giving directions to nearby Points of Interest
Babelverse 's LeWeb submission video : the first application for real-time voice translation, powered by a global community of human interpreters
BEETmobile 's LeWeb submission video : the first mobile Internet access provider powered by the crowd
Beintoo 's LeWeb submission video : the first do-it-yourself mobile gamification and rewards technology that creates a true gamification layer
Calendar42 's LeWeb submission video : the smart, social & dynamic calendar integrating context awareness and profiled information gathering on the fly
Capturall 's LeWeb submission video : a social game that you can play outdoor location based + awareness or behind your TV on your couch viewing your favorite program together with your friends
ClearKarma 's LeWeb submission video : check your food & make safer food choices with ClearKarma! Worldwide 300 million people with food-allergies or who follow special diets need access to food information
Commerces & Co 's LeWeb submission video : lets you discover small local shops around you 's LeWeb submission video : connects your interests and location to help you discover the places and things around you
DidThis 's LeWeb submission video : an "Action logging" Mobile Platform 's LeWeb submission video : your online SCUBA logbook
Echo Labs Limited 's LeWeb submission video : connects comments and ideas with the power of location and the crowd, bringing to light the things that matter most
EffiDriver 's LeWeb submission video : the first smart app that helps cardrivers to enhance their driving efficiency, save money and the planet
Flagtory 's LeWeb submission video : a Geosocial Platform based on localized games
Gauss 's LeWeb submission video : leverages the best of the online world to enhance the best of the offline world, helping people discover and make new real-life connections
Geokiwi 's LeWeb submission video : creates a customized located wall displaying messages posted around you
HeyCrowd 's LeWeb submission video : enables direct communication between a person and the crowd through social polling
inZair 's LeWeb submission video : the next generation mobile messaging service enabling people to communicate, share and surprise others from their mobile, using the benefit of geo-localisation and time 's LeWeb submission video : capture and share your life with individuals, or groups, using any number of photos, videos or audio recordings
Koubachi 's LeWeb submission video : exploring the potential of Smart Objects by developing and marketing related products in the field
Kwarter 's LeWeb submission video : a fun and social way to connect with your friends during live games, share comments, upload photos and collect unique in-game trophies based on real-time athlete performance
PepUp : a social mobile game based on motion of gamer which is calculated with location and accelerometer data
RadikHub 's LeWeb submission video : a social networking alternative which will enhance the productivity quotient of online networking
Shhmooze Ltd 's LeWeb submission video : a deceptively simple smartphone app that makes networking fun, fast and effective, ensuring that attendees make the most of every opportunity
Siine 's LeWeb submission video : the first icon-based keyboard that combines standard world-class Qwerty features with icon-keys that can be personalized making your messages sound like YOU
staround 's LeWeb submission video : a social game that you can play outdoor location based + awareness or behind your TV on your couch viewing your favorite program together with your friends
Topi 's LeWeb submission video : uses information such as affilitions, locations, and many more, to create contexts and facilitate serendipitous connections
Zingl 's LeWeb submission video : learns what you like on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and recommends interesting people who share common interests & places
Zymbox 's LeWeb submission video : both a mobile app for end-users (individuals and brands) and a technical platform for creative developers
Thank you to all of our judges!
Jean-David Blanc, Entrepreneur & Business Angel, Founder of AlloCine

Jacques-Antoine Granjon, Founder & CEO,

Brent Hoberman, Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital & Founder & Executive Chairman, mydeco

Pierre Kosciuscko Morizet, Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister & Co-Founder of ISAI, The French Entrepreneurs' Fund

Xavier Niel, Founder of the Iliad Group, Free’s parent company; Vice‐President and Director of Strategy, Iliad

Marc Simoncini, Founder & CEO, MEETIC

Sherry Coutu, Former CEO & Angel Investor

Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft Corporation

Sheila Marcelo, Founder & CEO,

Nicolas Princen, Advisor for New Media and Information Technology, Office of President Nicolas Sarkozy

Rodrigo Sepulveda, Entreprenuer & Investor

Carlos Domingo, Director, Product Development & Innovation, Telefonica Digital

David Hornik, General Partner, August Capital

Amit Shafrir, President, Badoo

Gary Shainberg, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, WISeKey

Lukasz Gadowski, Internet Entrepreneur & Investor

Stephanie Hospital, EVP, Audience & Advertising Division, Orange

Jamie Siminoff, Founder & President, NobelBiz & Founder & CEO, Edison Junior

Kristell Schuber, Marketing Director, Google France

Daniel Waterhouse, Partner, Wellington Partners

Zachary S. Bogue, Angel Investor & Advisor

Fred Destin, Partner, Atlas Ventures

Lyle Fong, Chief Strategist & Co-Founder, Lithium

Patrick Hoffstetter, Chief Digital Officer, Renault

Michael Parekh, Investor & Advisor

Congratulations to all of our semi-finalists, finalists, and winners!
If you'd like to be a part of next year's Startup Competition, we'll be announcing information early 2012.
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